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Top 5 Superhero Fights

September 17, 2021

There are so many reasons why superheroes dominate the movie box office but, let’s be honest, we love to watch them ball up their fists and throw down. Whether possessing incredible powers or just insane skills honed by years of training we love to watch our heroes punch evil in its stupid face. So let’s get our bloodlust out and look at the five best superhero fights in film history.

5. Wolverine Vs. Stryker’s Men (X2: X-Men United)

When Professor X says he “pities the poor soul who comes into that school looking for trouble” at the end of the first X-Men this is probably what he was talking about. Deranged mutant-hating general William Stryker leads a special ops team into the Xavier Institute and the vast majority of these guys leave in body bags thanks to Wolverine. We finally get to see our favorite Canadian bad boy cut loose and embrace his berserker rage. He stabs and slashes his way through this supposedly well trained team. You also get the iconic shot of him leaping down from the second floor of the school with claws ready to kill. (Film credit to 20th Century Fox.)

4. Hulkbuster Vs. Hulk (Avengers: Age Of Ultron)

How do you stop a rampaging Hulk? Obviously this is something Tony Stark put some thought into as we see him forced to dawn his Hulkbuster armor. With Hulk driven insane by the reality altering powers of Scarlet Witch we watch Tony do his best to mitigate the potential damage Hulk is about to dish out to South Africa. Trapping him in a cage, dropping an elevator on him, repeated punches to the face, none of this seems to be slowing the big guy down. We also get a great beat where Tony buys an under construction building in the middle of the city just so he can throw the Hulk through it. (Film credit to Marvel Studios.)

3. Batman Vs. Kidnappers (Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice)

Batman has been portrayed on screen numerous times, but in the past his fights have left something to be desired (mostly due to the awkward costumes he wears). It was such a visceral pleasure to watch the Dark Knight just absolutely demolish a room full of henchmen who have kidnapped Superman’s mom. He whirls batarangs, throws dudes left and right and in one amazing moment pulls a knife he’s just been stabbed with out of his shoulder and puts it in the guy who stabbed him. This is the violent and unstoppable Batman fans had been waiting for years to see on screen and Ben Affleck along with director Zack Snyder more than delivered. (Film credit to Warner Bros. Pictures.)

2. Captain America Vs. Hydra Agents (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

We often think of superhero fights as sprawling and epic but this one does things a bit differently since it takes place entirely in an elevator. We watch more and more Hydra agents join Steve Rogers on the elevator as the scene starts up. The tension builds and builds as each guy gets on. Steve finally asks “Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?” and then it’s pure mayhem as all these guys try to subdue Captain America. It shows the raw power of Cap as more than ten guys are unable to hold him down. Finally, we see the elevator doors open and there stands Steve with everyone else on the ground. He kicks up his shield and steps out as an absolute icon. (Film credit to Marvel Studios.)

1. The Avengers Vs. Thanos’ Army (Avengers: Endgame)

This the most epic of epic superhero fights, almost the entirety of the Marvel Universe is in here. From the epic roll call of heroes to Cap finally saying “Avengers assemble!” This scene delivers everything a comic book fan can dream of. We see every hero get an amazing moment, countless incredible team up moves, the screen can barely contain the scale of what’s happening. It’s the culmination of every battle we’ve watched in all the Marvel movies leading up to this one, and it’s impossible to view it without a big grin on your face. (Film credit to Marvel Studios.)

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