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Top 5 Marvel Villains

August 27, 2021

Last week I counted down the top 5 DC villains, it seemed only fair to look at the top Marvel baddies this week. A hero is only as good as his or her villains and Marvel has an incredible lineup of evildoers. This list will focus purely on the comic book versions of these characters so if your favorite MCU villain didn’t crack the list it may be because that character doesn’t possess quite the same threat in the comics. With that out of the way let’s take a look at 5 villains that raise hell in the Marvel Universe.

5. Loki

Loki is certainly one of the most complex characters at Marvel, he’s got real big daddy issues and a strong sense of sibling rivalry. Ever the trickster, you’re never quite sure if you can trust him (you mostly can’t). Loki could be a great hero if he was able to get past the trauma of his past and his own hubris. It’s the tragic failings of this character mixed with his sense of fun that makes him stand out amongst the other villains of Marvel.

4. Red Skull

Johann Schmidt has been causing terror around the world since World War II. Ever trying to spread the reach of his Hydra network and defeat arch nemesis Captain America. Red Skull is such a particularly unique threat in that he is a man who has seen the cosmic power the universe has to offer and he has been driven mad in his endless pursuit of it. He is singularly minded and will not stop until he controls the planet.

3. Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)

Whether in his supervillain costume or just a fancy suit, Osborn is one of the deadliest and most ingenious bad guys in Marvel. Possessing a genius intellect and complete lack of morals, Osborn has masterminded some of the darkest moments in Spider-Man comics. Most famously, the absolutely tragic death of Gwen Stacy. Osborn has led his own team of evil Avengers and launched an ill-fated attack on Asgard. Truly his evil knows no bounds.

2. Doctor Doom

Victor Von Doom, with a name like that he was born to be a villain. He’s not just one of the world’s most feared criminals, he’s also the leader of the country Latveria. This guy has a lot going on, equal parts science genius and master sorcerer, he is mad with power and has the skills to hold onto it. His own vanity requires him to be encased in metal armor so as not to show his horribly scarred face. Most major threats in the Marvel universe eventually can be traced directly back to this guy. He’s not learning his lesson anytime soon.

1. Magneto

Magneto is such a good villain that I’m sure some readers are yelling at this article that he’s not actually a villain. He is complex and ponderous in his actions. A victim of one of the greatest atrocities the world has ever seen, his life is devoted to preventing anything like that from ever happening to his people again. Him not seeing that he is often just committing another genocide himself definitely leads him towards the evil side of things. His on again/off again bromance with Charles Xavier is one of the most compelling relationships in all of comics. He’s a man who has some very valid points but is often blinded to his own cruel actions. This endlessly fascinating dichotomy makes him the finest villain Marvel has to offer.

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