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Top Five Image Comic Titles

July 5, 2021

There are a lot of comic publishers putting out books these days. No question Marvel and DC are the most vaunted of the bunch (they’re called The Big 2 for a reason) but Image Comics has been nipping at their heels for some time now with a wide variety of creator owned titles that don’t adhere to the strict demands of the mainstream superhero crowd. So, if cape wearing do-gooders aren’t your style and you’re not afraid of some mature subject matter here are the top five Image comic books to check out right

A team of soldiers stand in a desert, the American flag painted on the sand in front of them

Credit: Image Comics


[Undiscovered Country.jpg] Credit: Image Comics Alt text: A team of soldiers stand in a desert, the American flag painted on the sand in front of them.

5. Undiscovered Country

Writer: Scott Snyder & Charles Soule, Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli

This book presents a dystopian future in which the United States has been completely walled off from the rest of the world. After years of being shrouded in mystery, a pair of expeditions are launched into what was formerly known as America. This dark and intense adventure does what a lot of great sci-fi is capable of by taking very real and pressing issues and filtering them through a wild and larger than life lens.

An elderly sheriff sits on a rock in front of his cruiser holding a handgun

Credit: Image Comics

4. That Texas Blood

Writer: Chris Condon, Artist: Jacob Phillips

A violent, Southern fried crime noir in the vein of No Country For Old Men or True Detective. The story follows Ambrose County Sheriff Joe Bob Coates as he is forced to confront the deadliest case of his career on his 70th birthday. The ensuing chaos and violence will forever change the town and Joe Bob’s own beliefs about justice. This book is absolutely electric with striking and brutal art in a story that will keep your pulse racing.

An upside down image of a girl's head with tree branches growing out

Credit: Image Comics

3. Family Tree

Writer/Artist: Jeff Lemire

If you loved the TV adaptation of Lemire’s Sweet Tooth, you’ll want to check out this similarly unusual folk tale. The story presents us with an 8-year-old girl who begins turning into a tree, sending her and her family on a bizarre journey across the country to find answers to what’s going on. All the bizarre fantasy aspects are merely a framework for a story about a mother’s devotion to her child and how far a family will go to save one of their own.

A mirrored negative image of JFK with red Xs drawn over his eyes

Credit: Image Comics

2. The Department Of Truth

Writer: James Tynion IV, Artist: Martin Simmonds

This mind-bending puzzle box of a thriller introduces readers to Cole Turner, a conspiracy theorist who learns that every conspiracy in the world is true. There’s a secret organization that’s been covering them up for decades, this sets Cole off on an investigation into the world’s deepest, darkest secrets. For those who love the work of JJ Abrams or The X Files this book will have you scratching your brain for weeks.

A man and a woman surrounded by monsters, she holds a spear, he holds a Sci-fi gun

Credit: Image Comics

1. Bitter Root

Writer: David F. Walker, Artist: Sandford Greene

Set in a world crawling with terrors, the Sangerye family were once considered the great monster hunters on the planet but time and tragedy have forced them to question their mission. Are monsters meant to be killed or can they be cured? One of the most stylized and exciting comics on the shelves these days, it’s no surprise this action driven sci-fi, horror, fantasy is being turned into a feature film to be directed by Regina King.

This is just a taste of the large and eclectic catalog of titles from Image Comics. Their real strength lies in finding incredible talent and then getting out of their way. This freedom to dream up any story or world they can think of mixed with the total ownership of said creations is why you see so many of the top creators in comics publishing their titles through Image.

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