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Top 5 Comic Book Helmets

August 9, 2021

What a superhero wears is almost as important as what they do. Aesthetics are a big deal in comics (it is a visual medium after all) and every character needs to look their best. However we can’t discount the importance of responsible protective gear in the midst of superpowered battles. Helmets save lives but they can also look cool as hell, with that in mind let’s take a look at the top 5 comic book helmets.

5. Iron Man

Tony Stark essentially wears a high tech suit of armor with a hot rod color scheme. The helmet portion of it is highly functional and has a great liftable face plate for showing off his stellar goatee. The small slits that indicate eyes and a mouth give just the smallest hint of humanity but still remind you this is a piece of tech you’re battling.

Cobra Commander holds a staff while shouting orders

Credit: Hasbro

4. Cobra Commander

When you’re the leader of an international terrorist organization hell bent on world domination you need a look that intimidates. This helmet certainly achieves that by replacing his face with a mirrored piece of silver. No looking this guy in his eyes, all you see is your own terror staring back at you. Toss a vaguely WW2 German helmet on top of it and enemies will think twice before starting a fight with him.

Doctor Fate shoots energy blasts from his hands

Credit: DC Comics

3. Doctor Fate

Perhaps the most ornate of the helmets on this list, it is certainly a case of form over function but damn if it don’t look awesome as hell. Solid gold, pointy top, no mouth, this is a helmet that tells you this guy means business. Often dabbling in issues of mysticism and the supernatural this helmet makes the doctor blend right into the look of his conflicts.

2. Magneto

Magento is just one of the most stylish characters in comics across the board, a red and purple color scheme combined with a badass cape. But the helmet is the coup de grace, not only is it an awesome design but it blocks telepaths from reading his mind. The fact he threw some horns on there too shows just the kind of guy he is.

Rocketeer carries a woman through an aerial battle

Credit: IDW Comics

1. The Rocketeer

How do you not fall in love with that helmet? It’s an epic design that pulls you into the era of the story and makes an instantly recognizable silhouette. It conveys the speed of the character with that aerodynamic fin on top then forms a totally unique design with its faceplate. The look was so perfect out of the gate that Disney made no changes to it when they adapted the comic into a movie.

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