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The Return Of Uru-Chan and UnOrdinary

December 20, 2021

This moment right here feels like that moment when your favorite team player comes back from injury just in time for the big game. Like Klay Thompson coming back from injury to play for the Golden State Warriors, this is the same excitement Uru-chan's return elicits from her ardent subscribers.

Characters from UnOrdinary

Credit: Uru-Chan

For those who may not know, Uru-Chan is a web series creator of one of the number one Webtoon series, UnOrdinary. UnOrdinary is considered one of the best web series in creation right now and is up there on the list with the likes of True Beauty and Lore Olympus. With over 4.5 billion views per chapter, it's easy to see why the excitement for Uru-Chan's return is so high.

Uru-Chan, creator of Un-Ordinary

Credit: Uru-Chan

Over the past few months, she has taken a sabbatical from creating her web comic, focusing on her mental health and well-being. This sabbatical is a great accomplishment to know when to pace yourself and manage burnout as an individual, especially someone people look up to. The immense pressure to always be available and the sense of guilt or failure you might feel to give yourself a break is something many public figures face. The amount of courage it took to take this step back reminds me of Simone Biles during the just-concluded Olympics and the fact that sometimes no matter what, others may feel you need to take a break for your good.

Though her fans much anticipated Uru-chan's return, her sabbatical gave her fans the time to go back and reread all their favorite parts of the web comics so far while anticipating her return. On the 8th of December, after several months away, Uru-Chan returned with a new season of UnOrdinary that melts our hearts while helping us navigate our morality on the issues brought up in her web series. As a series, the message of UnOrdinary transcends the fictional nature of the series into our everyday lives and the problem society faces, helping us gauge our moral compass.

Through the main character of the story, her representation of John reflects the saying, "Don't Judge a book by its cover." His pretense of being a "cripple" with no special powers while ultimately being the most powerful is a testament to never taking things at face value. With the setting of the series being a society divided by caste where they are grouped by power level, this dynamic John set up was a shock to those who discovered his secret. In ultimate writing prowess, she reiterates the moral that everyone has something to offer. From the book within the series written by John's father UnOrdinary, to the Vigilantes, who were members of the highest class fighting for the rights of lower citizens who have no power, this notion of self-value is spread across the entire series.

With over 200+ episodes with exceptional storytelling, it's unsurprising to see why she was greatly missed during her sabbatical. It'll be a real treat to see where she takes the series next, from solving the mysteries on the ground to repairing John and Seraphina's friendship —a highly recommended web series for anyone looking to dive into the world of Webtoons.

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