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The Joker: My Weird Obsession

September 23, 2021

...If You Haven’t Noticed

It’s funny how the clown, the notorious king of Gotham City himself is my obsession. My obsession with the Joker has been a long-standing one. I always love a good villain but The Joker is better than good; he's one for the books and most likely the greatest villain of all time, but that might be an argument for another day.

Joker surrounded by laughter

Credit: DC Comics

I've always been a villain in my story cause, why not? We're all villains somehow so why not embrace it. So back in March I joined AIESEC, and for those that don't know what AIESEC is it's an international nonprofit youth leadership organization that began after WWII, and I joined a branch in my city (Port Harcourt); to become a member you have to carry out several tasks and a personality test they organize before your interview. Let's just say the results of the test proved several points that have been made. Why you may ask? Because the test said villains are modeled after my personality type. It wasn't a shock to a lot of people because I've been called a megalomaniac; someone once said they won't be surprised to wake up and see my face on billboards around the city telling people to bow to their leader like some futuristic movie. I'm not mad at the reference. I love it! But I digress.

So back to my obsession; of all the people that have played the clown my favorite is Heath Ledger either because it’s Heath Ledger or maybe because 10 Things I Hate About You is one of my favorite movies of all time, but that’s beside the point. Heath is my favorite King of Gotham City as he embodies my perspective of the clown so perfectly.

Contrary to the fact that I'm a huge Joker fan, I'm not a huge fan of the Joker movie; the movie is great, and I enjoyed it, but it slightly disillusions you, and in a way, it softens The Joker's image to a lukewarm nature that I don't like. The Joker is hardcore but soft-bellied especially when it comes to his love for Harley Quinn -in the cases where she's a part of the story- that mildly soft interior shows you a slightly human, slightly sane part to the clown’s rough and brazen exterior and personality.

Something I would love to see is a Joker movie, nothing like the movie that was recently released. A badass supervillain movie with a cameo appearance from Dr. Quinzel and previous jokers in the likes of Jack Nicholson from Batman '89 even though I know he's retired. Obviously, Jared Leto would portray the iconic Clown Prince of Crime cause although many do not like the look it makes a lot of sense for a highly modern clown. Keeping the iconic makeup but adding modern touches like the silver teeth and tattoo smile like I emphasized in my Suicide Squad piece. My director of choice is Zack Snyder cause he always comes through.

So although I love living vicariously through The Joker and think he's perfect in every way, I have to make a disclaimer that my favorite Batman is Christian Bale, and I'm not as psychotic as you probably think, but either way we embrace The Joker vibes.

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