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The Evolution Of The Wolf

September 15, 2021

On a sunny Easter Sunday in the year 2000, after her mother dressed in her Sunday's best for church, a 32-week old Oluwatobi decided to make an appearance in the world, and like every other thing she does, she did so rather dramatically. Fast forward to the year 2002 when Spider-Man was released a two-year-old Tobi was in Kindergarten was oblivious to this fact but will later come to be obsessed with the franchise by the time the third movie is released partly due to narcissism and the fact that someone famous had the same name as her though she would later find out it wasn't spelled the same and while hers was Yoruba his was English.

Oluwatobi was born to a slightly average middle-class family in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria to a military father and a savvy businesswoman of a mother they provided her with enough mental stimulation but her mother will, later on, ask questions and resign herself to her daughter's obsession with sci-fi. With a couple of Batman action figures stolen from her brothers' room and fights over Archie comics by the time she was in her teens she was fully immersed in the world of comic books, science and science fiction usually working on recreating the characters encountered in comics; her love for comics fueled her love for the arts.

Tobi stands in front of balloons of 2 and 1

At this time Nerd Culture was cool and being smart made you popular, solidly making her one of the coolest people at her secondary school (not just her opinion). With the creation and reboot of several DC and Marvel TV series there was never a shortage of topics to talk about in class and at lunch. Let's venture to 2012 with the release of The Dark Knight, Tobi was on a family trip to New York so watching the movie was filled with a great deal more costuming and fanfare than you'd see at releases in Nigeria further opening her up to cosplay culture and the depth of comic book re-enactments. Although she was privy to Comic-Con before then it further enthralled her on a lot of the precision people took in creating and engaging in comic book fanfare.

By 2015, she was well into conservation and saving the planet, even registering for several Model UN's to discuss climate action across the world with people her age. Tobi has always been fascinated by human behavior, the human body, and saving lives. Opting to study Biotechnology at the University Of Port Harcourt before she Ventures into Medical School.

Tobi laying down looking at the camera

She chose to skip her graduation in 2017 for nothing other than leaving people on their toes and in 2018 she started a Nonprofit Pet project, Krystal Clear Foundation to educate and provide clean water and sanitation consequently volunteering at nonprofits and eventually becoming an MCN Millennium Fellow and consequently an Alumni.

Tobi has always been a huge lover of Sci-fi, often evading the question of DC versus Marvel because of opinions that are more indecisive of absolutes than anything else. Her absolute love for villains and Megalomaniac personalities is fueled by people's perception of her personality type often insisting on being referred to as The Wolf.

She’s the Hero and Villain of her own story, frequently being more dramatic and logical (if those two can go together) than her mother would like but she loves it regardless.

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