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Nerds Already Know: D&D is More Than a Game

“...And that’s how I, an agender jackrabbit with ADHD, found myself floating down a river in a dinosaur-packed jungle with three apex predators who kept calling me a snack.” This is a real sentence uttered by me after returning from an extended stay in my hometown of Leavenworth, Kansas. I went home, you see, to […]

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Homework for Fun

Playing D&D can feel like homework sometimes, being a Dungeon Master doubly so. But it’s easy to forget sometimes that you don’t need to pass a standardized test at the end of the day, you just need to have fun.

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Dungeon Fun

The dungeon is a quintessential setting for many tabletop RPGs. Heck, it’s in the name of the biggest TTRPGs out there. “Dungeon Crawl” is a term dating back to the earliest days of the hobby when it was just beginning to differentiate itself from the miniature-based war-gaming that spawned it. It evokes some of the […]

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The Art of Homebrewing AKA We Made a Venom Class in 5e

Learn what it takes to create your own original character class in fifth edition D&D as Mike walks you through how he made his own based on Venom.

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The Third Party

Dungeons & Dragons (the brand) has never been too shy about publishing a plethora of books to support players and Dungeon Masters alike. From modules and lore supplements to partnerships with high profile partners like Penny Arcade and Critical Role, just within the main line there is a lot to get a grip on. Spend […]

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5 Overlooked Cantrips in Dungeons and Dragons 5e

(And 4 To Avoid) Hi there, chances are you googled “best cantrips” and that’s easy; it’s Eldritch Blast. It’s got the range, deals force damage that is rarely resisted, and doesn’t take any materials to cast. But aside from that, what are some other overlooked non-combat cantrips worth taking and what are a few to […]

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Go Big! Big Monsters in TTRPGs

Big monsters are cool. This is doubly true in TTRPGs. Mike explains how to convey size in TTRPGs and the advantages of using a big monster.

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Being Modular

The life of a Dungeon Master running a game of Dungeons & Dragons can be hectic and downright stressful at times. The number of things one has to consider while taking on the role of DM can be daunting and is one of the primary reasons why those who take on that responsibility tend to […]

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