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The Joker: My Weird Obsession

...If You Haven’t Noticed It’s funny how the clown, the notorious king of Gotham City himself is my obsession. My obsession with the Joker has been a long-standing one. I always love a good villain but The Joker is better than good; he's one for the books and most likely the greatest villain of all […]

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Unpopular Opinion: I Loved 2016’s Suicide Squad

Omotoso Oluwatobi's unpopular opinion is her love for the Suicide Squad movie from 2016, featuring the band of "misfits" villains

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Top 5 Marvel Villains

Last week I counted down the top 5 DC villains, it seemed only fair to look at the top Marvel baddies this week. A hero is only as good as his or her villains and Marvel has an incredible lineup of evildoers. This list will focus purely on the comic book versions of these characters […]

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Task Force ECHH

The Altogether Meh Backstory of DC’s Most Unlikely Team As I write this column, director-writer James Gunn’s first foray into the DCEU, The Suicide Squad, has hit the big (and little) screens. A “seboot” or “requel,” it’s a thrilling, violent, hilarious and occasionally moving covert ops movie starring a colorful crop of obscure DC villains […]

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