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Bloodlust: An Obsession With Violence

Violence, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “the use of physical force to injure, abuse, damage or destroy.” In many stories, it is easy to identify the protagonist (hero) or antagonist (villain) because of how they approach the use of violence or the lengths they take to avoid it. However, life isn’t so cut & dry […]

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You’ll Believe A Man (of Steel) Can Fly

“They are a good people, Kal-El, should they choose to be. It is for this reason, their capacity for good, that I send them you: my only son.” Many actors have played Superman, but only one of them IS Superman. Christopher Reeve embodied every aspect of the Man of Steel and his alter-ego, mild-mannered reporter […]

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Age Of Adaptation

Mike Gorgone looks at the pros and cons of the recent comic-to-other-media translations with a focus on Superman in this Age of Adaptation.

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A Starter's Guide to Superman

Brendan Jones is a fierce protector of the Man of Steel. In his starter guide, he gives his opinions of Superman comics through the years.

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New Comic Book Day #1s

Every Wednesday John Campbell lists just released first issues that are great starting points for new and classic comic series.

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