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Suicide Squad

Unpopular Opinion: I Loved 2016’s Suicide Squad

Omotoso Oluwatobi's unpopular opinion is her love for the Suicide Squad movie from 2016, featuring the band of "misfits" villains

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Task Force ECHH

The Altogether Meh Backstory of DC’s Most Unlikely Team As I write this column, director-writer James Gunn’s first foray into the DCEU, The Suicide Squad, has hit the big (and little) screens. A “seboot” or “requel,” it’s a thrilling, violent, hilarious and occasionally moving covert ops movie starring a colorful crop of obscure DC villains […]

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New Comic Book Day #1s

Every Wednesday a new wave of comics fills the shelves of your local store. No doubt, it’s exciting but it can be extremely overwhelming as well, especially if you’re a fan who’s just wading into the comic book waters. It is with this thinking that we have created this weekly feature to spotlight some just […]

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