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How to Holiday Shop for the Comic Book Geek in your Life

Frank walks you through how to to holiday shop for those in your life who love comic books and comic related merchandise.

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Raz Cosplay

Hailing from Texas, Dylan of Raz Cosplay is a costume creator heavily influenced by comic book heroes and villains, nostalgic 90’s icons, and all things spooky. A quick look at his Instagram cosplay page will reveal a dark-toned, yet vibrant array of photos and creative edits featuring his work. He’s been a part of the […]

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Top 5 Movie Sequels

We live in a world dominated by sequels and franchises. Being constantly bombarded by movies that have no endings or drop easter eggs for future stories down the line, it can be easy to become cynical about multipart movies. However, there are times the second movie becomes a work of art unto itself and even […]

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