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Bi Exposure in Mainstream Comics

I assume that anyone with a passing interest in comics has by now heard that Tim Drake, the current Robin, has come out as bi. Some people are probably wondering why that is a big deal or why you should care. Here are the facts: there is a lot of misinformation and bias against people […]

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Top 5 Superhero Sidekicks

Being a superhero is a tough gig and sometimes you need some serious backup. Enter the much beloved sidekick, the trustworthy companion and stalwart aide. Not all sidekicks are made of the same stuff, so let’s look at five who really stand out from the pack and earn their place at the side of superheroes. […]

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Sometimes Justice Must Wear Little Green Booties

Dick's Growing Pains We all know Batman, of course. Pipe-smoking millionaire who, for no particular reason, dresses in a devil-horned cowl and little purple gloves, fighting crime in Gotham with his batarangs and trusty .45. That is, I should say, the Batman as we collectively met him in 1939. As I set forth in previous […]

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