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Y: The Last Man In 2021

Fans of Brian K. Vaughn’s comic series Y The Last Man (YTLM) have been buzzing this September as FX and Hulu release weekly episodes of the story’s TV adaptation. As of this writing, only five episodes are available for viewing, and I, for one, like where the show is going, particularly in contrast with the original […]

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Exploring Friendship, Love, and Stress Relief in Giant Days

In September 2016 I started graduate school, and I was immediately stressed. I had papers to write, long research articles to read, and lectures to watch. I handled my stress by eating massive amounts of Reese’s Pieces and by reading. One day I decided to read a comic that had been sitting on my bookshelf […]

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Call of Duty: Vanguard - Open Beta Falls Flat

Sledgehammer Games released the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta this weekend to allow early adopters a chance to dive in and get a sneak preview of the game. This release seeks a return to form of the Call of Duty games that gave the franchise its blockbuster status, and turns the clock back to World […]

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