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Ocarina of Time: A Link to my Past

Kristen writes about the influence her parent's gaming had on her, and how Ocarina of Time provides a link to her mother who died years ago.

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Video Games And The Law: The Rise Of The ESRB

As games got more and more powerful in their graphics, games could show more detail and graphic content. The rise of more graphic content was also a response to the bit wars between Nintendo and Sega; the thinking was to make games that could show off graphic content and using better visuals was what the […]

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The Bit Wars: Graphics Aren’t Everything

Last time we talked about how Nintendo and SEGA had come to dominate the console video game markets of the 1980’s and 90’s. This success was mostly down to business practices that included things like seals of quality, kinds of games, marketing, and relationships with developers. We also talked about how nobody really understood hardware […]

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