Comic Book Curious


Frank Under Fire

A look at the warranted criticism of renowned comic book creator, Frank Miller, alongside his lifetime of works. Should one hold sway over the other?

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Midnight Mass: Religious Horror

“We are the cosmos dreaming of itself.” – Erin I’m not going to lie. When I first put this show on and heard the praise and worship music, I immediately wondered what I had gotten myself into. This show is way more churchy than I thought it was going to be. Like, REALLY churchy. I […]

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Max Reacts: Watching Masters of the Universe: Revelation with my Son

Kristen and her son watch the Netflix reboot of Masters of the Universe. Kristen records Max's reactions to the show, and asks his opinion.

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The Success of Sweet Tooth on Netflix

After a year of real-life pandemic horror, you would think a show that revolves around a devastating illness would hit too hard or be unwatchable. Somehow, that is not the case with the graphic-novel-turned-Netflix-series Sweet Tooth. I think the show resonates with people because it highlights hope in the face of terrible devastation. Not everyone […]

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