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Meet the Writer: Tobi Toshh

Twenty-two years, eight months and seven days ago, on the 23rd day of April 2000, Oluwatobiloba Omotoso was born on a Sunny Easter Sunday morning in Port Harcourt, arriving approximately one month earlier than expected. I entered this world rather dramatically and traumatically as my arrival was prompted, unfortunately, by a driver rear-ending my mother’s […]

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Meet the Founder, CBC

INFILTRATING THE GEEK WORLD FOR NEWBIES EVERYWHERE By Nate Lombardi |  Flashback to 1988: Nate, a 9 1/2-year-old boy moves to Pennsylvania from the suburbs of New Jersey. He is a hyperactive kid who keeps his parents on their toes. He is not allowed to play Nintendo and doesn’t even own one, he does have the […]

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As Fast as Lightning

So approximately one month ago, I attended a track and field meet at the UW Dempsey stadium, called: The UW Invitational. It’s a rather special sporting event, seeing so many different yet talented athletes ranging from high school all the way up well into the professional ranks specializing in various events. You have throwers, sprinters, […]

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