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Marvel Vs. DC: The Eternal Battle

Tobi compares the movies and TV shows created by Marvel and DC to see who does what best. The age old controversy: Marvel versus DC!

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Top 5 Movie Witches (Kid-friendly)

Tis the season for some spooky fun. Here is a list of my top 5 movie witches to share with the little ones in your life. Disclaimer: all the witches on this list have been carefully vetted by the children in my life. 5. Yubaba (Spirited Away) Spirited Away is not a traditional Halloween movie. […]

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Join Robin Hood!

Robin Hood is a tale told time and again, the kind of mythic legend that gets a fresh coat of paint on it in every generation. I was a child of the 90s, so that means that my Robin Hood was and forever will be Kevin Costner. For reasons I can never understand, this opinion […]

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Top 5 Superhero Fights

There are so many reasons why superheroes dominate the movie box office but, let’s be honest, we love to watch them ball up their fists and throw down. Whether possessing incredible powers or just insane skills honed by years of training we love to watch our heroes punch evil in its stupid face. So let’s […]

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Starter Guide: Friday The 13th

Look, I get it, scrolling through an infinite number of shows seems overwhelming; even when someone tells me, “Oh, you should check out such and such” I get a feeling of dread because who knows if it’s worth the time or hassle. Some series and pieces of media have countless episodes or have been running […]

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Top 5 Movie Sequels

We live in a world dominated by sequels and franchises. Being constantly bombarded by movies that have no endings or drop easter eggs for future stories down the line, it can be easy to become cynical about multipart movies. However, there are times the second movie becomes a work of art unto itself and even […]

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