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Vermillion by Bräo, Behemoth Comics and Slipknot

DISCLAIMER: Vermillion the comic book and the music that inspired it is of an explicit and graphic nature. This article is written with respect to and that of its readers. The writer has taken measures to ensure that it will be “all audience friendly.” Should you find interest in pursuing the art referenced hereafter, […]

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Nerds Already Know: D&D is More Than a Game

“...And that’s how I, an agender jackrabbit with ADHD, found myself floating down a river in a dinosaur-packed jungle with three apex predators who kept calling me a snack.” This is a real sentence uttered by me after returning from an extended stay in my hometown of Leavenworth, Kansas. I went home, you see, to […]

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Comics in Counseling

Comics have always been an all-ages medium, despite the art snobs’ best efforts to discount them as children's’ material, and in recent years they’ve only grown more powerful and more recognized as true literary works. Like any art form, creating and consuming stories provides so much more than simple entertainment: Stories are history - they […]

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