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Another Captain America?

What if...Chris Evans had turned down the role of Captain America? This article looks at Chris's decision about becoming the first avenger.

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Hawkeye on Disney+ - An Old Faithful That’s All New

The latest streaming series from the MCU does a beautiful job of adapting an amazing comic into a new series by blending the best of both into something that hits the mark on both sides of the target.

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Jim Higgins Interview Transcript

Jim Higgins has been a writer and editor in the comics business for over 25 years. He’s worked as a screenwriter and been a comics consultant for films and TV as well as being an editor at DC Comics/Paradox Press. He is the editor and publisher of New Thing, an international comics anthology. His show […]

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Aaron David Kapner Interview Transcript

Interview with the amazing Aaron David Kapner, actor and comic book enthusiast.   Nate: Hello, sir. Welcome to Comic Book Curious, please tell us your name and your occupation. Aaron David Kapner: My name is Aaron David Kapner. I am an actor in New York City. Nate: Fantastic David! And a comic book devotee. Aaron […]

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Dan Gottlieb Interview Transcript

Interview with Dan Gottlieb, comic illustration artist. Check out his work on Instagram at @dantheman_official   Nate: Hello, Dan, welcome to comic book. Curious, what's your name and handle on Instagram or whatever? Dan: My name is Dan Gotlieb. My handle on Instagram is Dan, the man official. Nate: Awesome. Great. Okay. Who is your […]

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Gabriel Valentin Interview Transcript

Gabriel Valentin has spent over a decade touring, working with writers and assisting music producers in their recording sessions. In 2014, he created the live art show known as Digital Lizards Of Doom. D.L.O.D. has had three national tours, has been showcased on six different cable networks, secured a record deal with Noize Cartel Records, […]

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Chris Balga Interview Transcript

Chris Balga is the host of the World's Finest True Believer and Marvel Alliance Podcasts.   Nate: Hello, sir. Welcome to Comic Book Curious, can you please tell me who your favorite superhero is and why? Chris: I'm going to have to go with Batman. Been a Batman fan up and down. Just something villains, when […]

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Clay Adams Interview Transcript

Clay Adams is the "CO-FRY-COOK-IN-CHIEF" at Fried Comics, proud purveyors of offbeat, irreverent pulp fiction since 2013. Clay is best known as a voice actor, with lead roles on TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: FAST FORWARD, YU-GI-OH GX, 5Ds and ARC-V. His directorial debut, THE BOY SCOUT, was nominated for Best Short at the Golden Egg […]

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To Stream Or Not To Stream

Perhaps in your general perusal of the internet over the past couple of weeks you’ve seen some hint of controversy between Scarlett Johansson and Disney. Johansson, a star in her own right in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, feels that she has been slighted by Disney’s treatment of her first solo Marvel film, Black Widow. In […]

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