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Meet the Writer: Tobi Toshh

Twenty-two years, eight months and seven days ago, on the 23rd day of April 2000, Oluwatobiloba Omotoso was born on a Sunny Easter Sunday morning in Port Harcourt, arriving approximately one month earlier than expected. I entered this world rather dramatically and traumatically as my arrival was prompted, unfortunately, by a driver rear-ending my mother’s […]

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Marvel & Chris Hemsworth's Thor Bridge Cultures

In Hawaii, Kane-Hekili, is our God of Thunder and Lightning. Besides knowing that the great warrior chief, Kahekili, tattooed one half of his body to emulate his namesake, I truly know little else. Interestingly enough, with the important roles that sky gods play in the Pacific there is barely a mention of one who rules […]

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Batman Unburied: Spotify Original Series

Cycling through my Spotify playlists to get me through a week of OT at work, I saw an add that suggested I try DC Comics latest outing. With the boom in popularity of podcasts & audio books, it comes to no surprise that comic publishers would want to test the waters in providing content of […]

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DC and Webtoon: The Gentrification of Webcomics

DC Comics, home to the World’s Greatest Superheroes announced on August 17th, 2021 that they would be entering the world of webcomics through a partnership with Webtoon, the internet’s premiere source of webcomics. While little has been said about the future of this deal, or any of the “several” titles planned, DC has already released […]

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Frank Under Fire

A look at the warranted criticism of renowned comic book creator, Frank Miller, alongside his lifetime of works. Should one hold sway over the other?

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Bloodlust: An Obsession With Violence

Violence, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “the use of physical force to injure, abuse, damage or destroy.” In many stories, it is easy to identify the protagonist (hero) or antagonist (villain) because of how they approach the use of violence or the lengths they take to avoid it. However, life isn’t so cut & dry […]

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There's No “Ai-Yi-Yi” In “Team”

The concept of teaming popular heroes together in shared adventures took a few years to occur. Part 1 in this look at the early super team.

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Top 5 Marvel Villains

Last week I counted down the top 5 DC villains, it seemed only fair to look at the top Marvel baddies this week. A hero is only as good as his or her villains and Marvel has an incredible lineup of evildoers. This list will focus purely on the comic book versions of these characters […]

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