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Retailer Profile: Books With Pictures

Location: Portland, Oregon Owner: Katie Pryde Background: Been in business 5 years this past May/June. KRISTEN: How long have you been into comics? How long has your store been in business? KATIE: I wasn’t a little kid comics reader. I had a few comics that were around in my house. My town didn’t have a […]

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Interview With A Gamer: How Studio Nicktendo Got A Second Chance At Making Music

Lais Read interviews musician and gaming aficionado Studio Nicktendo about how he got into music and video games and goals for the future.

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Band of Bards Are Doing Good With Comics

As a long time comic reader, I am on the everlasting hunt for new titles from unique voices that are able to help me fully understand the sheer power that the medium of comics is able to convey. Luckily, I am never looking for long, as the internet has brought us a new golden age […]

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Starlite Burns Bright - An Interview with Creators Travis Webb and Greg Smith

Starlite is a fantastic new comic series by Travis Webb and Greg Smith, with art by Brett Weldele, focusing on two child superheroes who have since grown up and out of their former glory. It’s an emotional work, taking a deep look at how we handle our past and the means and methods we use […]

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