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Sheets: A New Ghost Story

  I know you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I frequently do. I like a good book cover that can catch my attention when I see it at the library or the bookstore. The comic Sheets has a cover that caught my eye when I walked past it. The adorable […]

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Kickstarter Profile: Pet Humans, A Graphic Novel

Creator: David Guy Levy Writer: Steffen Schlachtenhaufen Illustrator: Alex Heywood Goal: $15,000 (At the time of writing $33,296) What it is: Introducing Pet Humans, a graphic novel based in a strange world where a human named Buster is a pet to aliens. Taking life from the perspective of the pet, innocent and unassuming, living his […]

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Exploring Friendship, Love, and Stress Relief in Giant Days

In September 2016 I started graduate school, and I was immediately stressed. I had papers to write, long research articles to read, and lectures to watch. I handled my stress by eating massive amounts of Reese’s Pieces and by reading. One day I decided to read a comic that had been sitting on my bookshelf […]

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The Success of Sweet Tooth on Netflix

After a year of real-life pandemic horror, you would think a show that revolves around a devastating illness would hit too hard or be unwatchable. Somehow, that is not the case with the graphic-novel-turned-Netflix-series Sweet Tooth. I think the show resonates with people because it highlights hope in the face of terrible devastation. Not everyone […]

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