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Nerds Already Know: D&D is More Than a Game

“...And that’s how I, an agender jackrabbit with ADHD, found myself floating down a river in a dinosaur-packed jungle with three apex predators who kept calling me a snack.” This is a real sentence uttered by me after returning from an extended stay in my hometown of Leavenworth, Kansas. I went home, you see, to […]

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Tabletop Jazz: Improv

Running a Tabletop Roleplaying Game is challenging. There are a thousand little speed bumps that can derail things, from interpersonal issues at the table to the ever-dreaded scheduling issues. But beyond the stuff outside of the game there is one of the biggest things that throws game masters of every system for a loop. Player […]

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Dungeon Fun

The dungeon is a quintessential setting for many tabletop RPGs. Heck, it’s in the name of the biggest TTRPGs out there. “Dungeon Crawl” is a term dating back to the earliest days of the hobby when it was just beginning to differentiate itself from the miniature-based war-gaming that spawned it. It evokes some of the […]

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The Art of Homebrewing AKA We Made a Venom Class in 5e

Learn what it takes to create your own original character class in fifth edition D&D as Mike walks you through how he made his own based on Venom.

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