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Arielle Jacobs Interview Transcript

Arielle Jacobs' is currently playing Jasmine in Disney's Aladdin on Broadway, after originating the role in the Australian Production in August 2016. Her Broadway debut was playing Nina Rosario in the closing cast of In The Heights, opposite creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. Other musical productions include Wicked on Broadway, as well as Rent, Disney's High School […]

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Pencilish Animation Studios Lets You In On The Magic

Animation studios dazzle audiences every year with new movies and shows, new characters they have created. Those animation studios (think Disney) make a lot of money every year through the content they create. Have you ever wanted to own and be part of an animation studio? Well, now is your chance! “It is our intention […]

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Diversity: On the Screens – And Behind the Scenes

I am sure most people understand the importance of casting a culturally diverse group of people on screen. If the movie takes place in Egypt, it wouldn’t fit the theme if the entire cast was white Americans pretending to be Egyptian – and it would be an insult to actors and actresses of Egyptian descent. […]

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To Stream Or Not To Stream

Perhaps in your general perusal of the internet over the past couple of weeks you’ve seen some hint of controversy between Scarlett Johansson and Disney. Johansson, a star in her own right in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, feels that she has been slighted by Disney’s treatment of her first solo Marvel film, Black Widow. In […]

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