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Batman Unburied: Spotify Original Series

Cycling through my Spotify playlists to get me through a week of OT at work, I saw an add that suggested I try DC Comics latest outing. With the boom in popularity of podcasts & audio books, it comes to no surprise that comic publishers would want to test the waters in providing content of […]

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The Batman: A New Type Of Vengeance

Since the announcements of a new Batman installment, fans have waited hungrily for the release of a new Dark Knight movie. The release of The Batman was highly anticipated, seeing as the director Matthew Reeves stated his position on the matter; that although the movie takes inspiration from the 1987 Batman: Year Two, it won't […]

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Top 5 Movie Sequels

We live in a world dominated by sequels and franchises. Being constantly bombarded by movies that have no endings or drop easter eggs for future stories down the line, it can be easy to become cynical about multipart movies. However, there are times the second movie becomes a work of art unto itself and even […]

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