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Cosplay Corner: Nya

Time is a subjective concept; what constitutes enough time to be excellent at something depends on the individual. Cosplay is an art form that requires varying facets of skills to create and complete the various characters. When speaking to cosplayers, we love to ask how long they've created art in this format, and we're always […]

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Cosplay Corner: Sundai FM

Cosplay in itself is an art form, and with each art form, artistic expression differs; that's no different from cosplay as an art form cause although they may use the same medium and character, they are all represented in unique and specific ways to each individual. Dana Michelle Moore is the Unique Artist I had […]

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Comic Book Curious 2023 Cosplay Corner Award!

The love for characters is a universal experience, some love them more than others, but we, as nerds, all love the characters in our favourite movies or shows. Cosplay is an art form that brings these characters to life by people who love it immensely and feel personally connected to these characters. This love for […]

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Cosplay Corner: Kittie Cosplay

Sci-fi and cosplay could genuinely be an endeavour for world peace; I say that as a joke, but there's some reality to it; Sci-fi and Cosplay transcend Generations, races, cultures and religions. The love for characters and movies transcends physical boundaries, and that's what makes it unique; it's a romantic take, of course, but one […]

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