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Cosplay Corner: Lil Chaos

Cosplay as an art intertwines with various aspects of Nerd Culture and Sci-fi; it's not uncommon to see a cross-over or overlap, whether with Gamers and writers or cosplayers and gamers or the other possible permutations. This is the case with Lil Chaos, the full-time gamer who also cosplays, creating the best of both worlds. […]

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Cosplay Corner: Dragon Baby T

Cosplaying is an Art Form that sometimes comes to you when you least expect it; it sneaks up on you like a thief in the night, and you find yourself immersed in the world of Costume design and Dress up for the fun of it. We spoke to Dragon Baby T, and she told us […]

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Embracing Inclusivity and Diversity at Mile High Comics

For comic book lovers and collectors, Mile High Comics is a must-visit destination. This iconic store, located on 4600 Jason St., off the Pecos exit on I-25, boasts 10 million comic books and 300,000 trade paperbacks, as well as toys, cards, posters, and other collectibles. The company was founded by Chuck Rozanski in 1969 and […]

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