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Comics & Coping

Kk recounts how he and his wife were able to find ways to cope with their grief (injury/loss) after reading certain graphic novels.

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DC and Webtoon: The Gentrification of Webcomics

DC Comics, home to the World’s Greatest Superheroes announced on August 17th, 2021 that they would be entering the world of webcomics through a partnership with Webtoon, the internet’s premiere source of webcomics. While little has been said about the future of this deal, or any of the “several” titles planned, DC has already released […]

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As Fast as Lightning

So approximately one month ago, I attended a track and field meet at the UW Dempsey stadium, called: The UW Invitational. It’s a rather special sporting event, seeing so many different yet talented athletes ranging from high school all the way up well into the professional ranks specializing in various events. You have throwers, sprinters, […]

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The History of GI-Joe, Part One: Before They Were Joes, The Real World

Note: This series covers GI-Joe from 1982 forward, not the original line of dolls from the 1960’s. It all started in Vietnam. The Real World Larry Hama served in Vietnam as a firearms and explosives expert in the US Army from 1969 to 1971. After which, he began working as a commercial and comics artist. […]

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The Return Of Uru-Chan and UnOrdinary

This moment right here feels like that moment when your favorite team player comes back from injury just in time for the big game. Like Klay Thompson coming back from injury to play for the Golden State Warriors, this is the same excitement Uru-chan's return elicits from her ardent subscribers. For those who may not […]

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Ongoing: CBWU Moves to Vote

The budding Comic Book Workers United union will be voting this month on the formation of their union - a first in the industry.

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How to Holiday Shop for the Comic Book Geek in your Life

Frank walks you through how to to holiday shop for those in your life who love comic books and comic related merchandise.

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Retailer Spotlight: I Like Comics

Kristen: First and last name? Chris Simons Kristen: How long have you been in business as a comics shop? Chris: 11 years in business! Kristen: Where was your first location? Chris: Our first location was on 4th Plain until the building got leveled for parking. Kristen: How did you get started in the business? Chris: […]

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Lynda Carter’s Iconic Wonder Woman

Kristen explores her experience with watching Lynda's Carter Wonder Woman in the mid 90s and how it shaped her view of heroes.

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Getting Your Kids Into Comics

I stopped reading comic books in my mid twenties for a couple of years before picking up again digitally on an iPad and catching up on the back issues I had missed. I was fine with the idea of reading comic books on an iPad for quite a few years actually, until I had a […]

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