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Squid Game Season 2: What Should We Expect?

June 27, 2022

The critically acclaimed series Squid Game was recently renewed for a second season after much clamor by the fans due to the season one ending. The unexpected success of the first season was something the producers and writers were not expecting, at least not in the magnitude that it happened. So in due fashion, we're going to talk about what happened in season one and what we could expect for season two.

*Read ahead with caution; this article may include spoilers.*

So the premise of the entire series is crazy, a bunch of wealthy people making people compete for money, a fight to the death, only one winner can emerge. The movie began with a bait and switch, somewhat kidnapping them to the venue of the games and setting them free in the arena to play the game. Four hundred fifty-six people with no clue what they had gotten themselves into, thinking it's a regular game, they never knew the element of death involved hence the bait and switch. The movie showed the extent bored rich people will go to be entertained but also the other side of the coin, which is the extent of human greed and what people will do to get money when their backs are against the wall. The movie has recently been compared to the Dubai scandal, which makes you wonder what happens in the seedy underbellies of the world where rich people do things of this nature, but that's all besides the point.

At the end of season one Seong Gi-hun aka Player 456, emerged as the winner of the squid game after beating out the manipulative Cho Sang-Woo it was good to see relative good triumph over relative evil. I say relative cause it's a game manipulation is necessary, and he came to win for his survival. A lot of people were triggered by Sang-Woo's character because he betrayed Ali; it reveals that natural lack of trust in people because Ali's child-like innocence got him eliminated. With Gi-hun winning the game and caring for both Sang-Woo's mother and Kang Sae-byeok's brother with part of the money he earned, we thought he'd finally put his life together and be with his daughter when we saw him at the airport. Alas, he never fails to be somewhat of a disappointment.

The Squid Game season 2 cover image.

Credit: Netflix

This announcement for a second season has got me super excited. I have so many questions that need to be answered. There's the issue of whether the Frontman's detective brother is indeed dead; I don't think it would be that easy because the investigation is a pivotal part of the story view. There's also the aspect of whether Gi-hun will compete again in the squid game and whether he'd even be allowed to, because why will he put himself through that again when he has a daughter waiting for him. Since we're venturing into a more in-depth aspect of the squid game, I wonder if there has ever been an incident like this of a winner coming to re-compete in the squid game. I don't think the games would be the same, at least not to the same degree because the Frontman prides himself on the fairness of the game, which is why the doctor was eliminated when he found out they were running an organ harvesting operation and compromising his game.

I think the most exciting part of the anticipation for season 2 is that Netflix is having a real-life squid game challenge, obviously without the death and gore, but the money is real, all $4.56 million dollars of it to whoever wins, and it's a global casting call. I won't lie; I'm definitely tempted to go, and I may or may not have already filled the application, just waiting to submit it. Though Netflix hasn't clearly stated if the games will be televised, it is scheduled for 2023, which I assume will be around the time of the new season's release.

I look forward to the new season of Squid Game and look out for the real-life game; I may or may not end up on the Squid Game challenge. We have to wait and see; 2023 already has me on the edge of my seat.

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