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SakuraCon Day 2

May 30, 2022

Welcome back to another cosplay roundup from SakuraCon! I had so many pictures and cosplays that I loved, just one article about it wasn’t enough. Cosplay is an ultimate art form when it comes to fandom. People who do it usually spend months working on perfecting they clothing, makeup, and posing before attending an event. Some of these people personally made their costumes by hand, and others purchased them, but you can tell that all of them had a blast dressing as their favorite characters.

Two cosplayers from SakuraCon, Jester Lavorre and Mollymauk Tealeaf

Credit: Markie Rustad

First up is @maddiepixiedream.cos who hand made her Jester Lavorre costume, as well as her friend’s Mollymauk Tealeaf coat. They were treasures to speak with, lovers of all things Critical Role and tabletop related.

An amazing Kiyoshi cosplay at SakuraCon

Credit: Markie Rustad

Next is a stunning Kiyoshi cosplay by @garcialta13 from Avatar the Last Airbender. Her posing in the battle stance was amazing, and the makeup was impressive, even with a mask on.

Someone cosplaying as Sokka from Avatar the Last Airbender

Credit: Markie Rustad

Another Avatar cosplay was this Sokka that I ran into. This is one character that we don’t see enough cosplays of. The diligent, wise-cracking, and honorable brother who follows his sister around the globe. What’s not to love? Water Tribe Out~

Another amazing cosplay, Doctor Strange.

Credit: Markie Rustad

With the release of the second official Doctor Strange movie, I was excited to find this gentleman dress to impress as our favorite Sorcerer Supreme. He was excited to get to see the new movie once it released, and I hope he enjoyed it after the con.

A pair of cosplayers dressed as Rem and Ram with matching bunny ears (in honor of Easter).

Credit: Markie Rustad

The final day of con fell on Easter, and so there were amazing cosplays that were bunny-fied to fit the occasion. This Rem and Ram from RE:Zero were probably my favorite of the day, and they were super sweet! Anytime someone talked to them they handed out little suckers to spread some love.

A Guy Fieri with bunny ears cosplayer.

Credit: Markie Rustad

Another turned-bunny cosplay, was this lovely human dressed as Guy Fieri. I just saw them and couldn’t help but giggle.

A beautiful Black Swan cosplayer standing en pointe

Credit: Markie Rustad

One I didn’t expect to see and was beautifully done is this Black Swan. Her form, pose, makeup and the fact she could stand in the pointe shoes was just impressive.

A very accurate Sylvie cosplay

Credit: Markie Rustad

The one I couldn’t get enough of was @alex_andrya as Sylvie, the female Loki Variant that most people met for the first time in the recent Disney+ series. We talked about how there isn’t enough love for her out there yet, and our hopes for future appearances of her.

A group of folks cosplaying as bunny maids.

Credit: Markie Rustad

Finally, I leave you with the best group I saw… a group of guys dressed as bunny maids for the final day, most of which had never met each other before and decided to group up as they found more guys doing it. The group kept growing throughout the day and it was amazing.

Overall, Sakura Con was an amazing experience. It was my first time attending, and I already can’t wait to go again. There was so much to do that three days was definitely not enough to do all the things you wanted. It is no wonder so many people keep coming back to the event year after year.

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