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SakuraCon Day 1

May 23, 2022

A large part of nerd culture is getting to go out and experience the camaraderie of meetups involving the things that you love. Most start with spending time at their favorite comic shops, gaming areas, and hobby shops to make those connections, but eventually that evolves into the ultimate nerd haven: conventions. Filled with people who love the same things, dress as their favorite characters, and have come to immerse themselves in the culture of their favorite fandoms.

This year at Sakura-Con was no different. A flood of people coming to celebrate anime, manga, and Japanese Culture. Throughout the three-day weekend there was a slew of event, panels, and of course, cosplay. I had the joy of meeting some amazing cosplayers throughout the weekend, and here are some of my favorites. There will be a second article with more coming soon!

From SakuraCon, these two dressed as characters from Critical Role

Credit: Markie Rustad

These two were some of the first Critical Role cosplayers I ran into. Dressed as Yasha and Caleb from campaign two, @flaming__iris on Instagram was having a blast on day one. She had a stunning presentation and they both did wonderful with their costumes.

Poison Ivy at SakuraCon

Credit: Markie Rustad

The next is @SolarSiren209 dressed as a very classy Poison Ivy. We had a long talk about how she is probably the most misunderstood “villain” of the DC universe. It was a heartwarming and honest conversation that I loved.

Cosplayer dressed as Venat at SakuraCon

Credit: Markie Rustad

Switching over to my favorite MMO, @yukatagirl was dressed as Venat from the newest expansion from Final Fantasy XIV, Endwalker. This was a wonderful, simple costume, that was just enhanced by the handmade Elpis flower she was carrying around.

Mojo Jojo cosplay

Credit: Markie Rustad


Mando aressting Mojo Jojo

Credit: Markie Rustad


Mando and Grogu at SakuraCon

Credit: Markie Rustad

This set of three photos have to go together. None of them use social media from what I understood, but Mojo Jojo, The Mandalorian, and Grogu cosplay were the life of the party in the outdoor courtyard. I loved that I got to capture Mando arresting Mojo. It is probably my favorite photo from the whole weekend.

Mermaid Man at Sakura Con

Credit: Markie Rustad

A classic Mermaid Man brought a smile to my face. He shuffled around everywhere randomly shouting “EEEEEEVIL!”  Sadly there was no Barnacle boy to be found, but this just made my day.

The Gundam Lady at SakuraCon

Credit: Markie Rustad

This costume was 3 years in the making, and done amazingly by @the_gundam_lady! She was a sweetheart and was also getting stopped by almost everyone with a camera to get photos. This was the most impressive costume, simply by the sheer size of it and the amount of work that went into it.

That is it for this cosplay roundup! There were so many amazing cosplays, I couldn’t fit them all reasonably within one article. Stay tuned for a second article with more coming soon!

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