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Rumplestilt_Seam Cosplay

March 8, 2023

In the wide world of cosplay, many creators dedicate an astounding amount of time, effort, and maybe a few tears into their work in order to showcase their particular skills and talents, along with their love for their craft. One such person is known as the award-winning seamstress wizard herself, Rumplestilt_seam, or Rumple for short.

Going strong for 11 years as a cosplayer, she also brings seamstress experience and a dance background to the table. A glance through Rumple’s Instagram page makes clear her ability to plan, design, sew, construct, paint, and model her costumes with seemingly effortless confidence and incredible skill. Meticulous detail work is the name of her cosplay game, which is made obvious in works such as her Sailor Moon Fairy.

Rumple describes her favorite steps involving the cosplay creation process being needlework and fabric manipulation. She began her dive into cosplay by fine-tuning these skills, then developing and branching out from there. One of her most notable and personal favorite works, Ciri from The Witcher series, is also a fine example of her intricacy with fabric and other material detailing.

Recalling one of her favorite moments in cosplay, Rumple describes an encounter with famed ‘Evil Dead’ actor Bruce Campbell, with whom she “made awkward eye contact, looked each other up and down and then gave the "nice" nod of approval to each other.” Along with memories such as this, she shares that one of her favorite aspects of cosplay is the connections she’s made with other cosplayers.

Oogie Boogie cosplay from the Nightmare Before Christmas

Credit: J.A. Vilches

As far as the origin of her cosplay alias, Rumple shares how the name came to be. “I was struggling with coming up with a cosplay handle and a friend says, ‘you should call yourself Rumplestiltseam. Since you spin out costumes like Rumplestiltskin spins gold!’ (I make costumes REALLY fast). So I started using it and it stuck!”

Rumple has plans to move into more of a mentor role in the cosplay community, since she enjoys “sharing knowledge so others don't have to struggle as they learn.” To share in this wealth of cosplay knowledge and watch her future creations come to life, follow along in Rumplestilt_seam’s adventures at @rumplestilt_seam on Instagram.

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