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Retailer Spotlight: I Like Comics

November 17, 2021
Chris in front of a sign that says I Like Comics

Credit: I Like Comics

Kristen: First and last name?

Chris Simons

Kristen: How long have you been in business as a comics shop?

Chris: 11 years in business!

Kristen: Where was your first location?

Chris: Our first location was on 4th Plain until the building got leveled for parking.

Kristen: How did you get started in the business?

Chris: I had been laid off from DHL along with 30,000 others during the great recession of the early 2000's. I got tired of my future being decided by other people’s decisions and went into business for myself. I used the last $400 from my unemployment to buy some comics and turned it into $2500 and never looked back.

Kristen: What kind of items does your store carry? Just comics or a little bit of everything?

A picture of the inside of the store

Credit: I Like Comics

Chris: We have over 700 new comic subscription boxes, so lots of new comics. Large focus on high end comics. We have over 5000 sq. ft. of space so anything comic related you can imagine finds its way here.

Kristen: What is your specialty in this space? What would you say sets you apart from other comic shops?

Chris: The most noticed thing about us is how we are the largest comic shop in the NW. Our selection of 100's of statues gets a lot of attention also.

Kristen: What would you say is the coolest, most fun, or most interesting comic you’ve had pass through your hands/shop?

A copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 comic

Credit: I Like Comics

Chris: I have a picture of me standing at our front counter with 4 Amazing Fantasy #15's!

Kristen: If you’re stranded on a desert island and you can have one
book/omnibus/collection to have with you, what do you pick?

Chris: Can I just have Brian Bendis on the island with me? If not, I’ll say his and Mike Oeming's Powers.

Kristen: What were some of the more fun and exciting aspects about going into business for yourselves, especially relating to comics and the resulting geek culture?

Chris: I’ve had enough jobs where I couldn’t wait for the day to be done and the value of having one where my wife needs to call me and remind me that I’m closed is awesome! When I put on my first Comicon (ilikecomicon) I found myself having scotch and steak with Neal Adams/Jim Steranko/Howard Chaykin and 15 other creators. That was a good day.

If you would like to contact Chris at I Like Comics, the information is below!

Chris Simons
I Like Comics
1715 Broadway St.
Vancouver, WA 98663

Ph.# (360) 852-8890

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Facebook -
Ebay Store -

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