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Retailer Spotlight: Dragon’s Lair Comics

September 30, 2021
by KK

Dragon's Lair Comics

LOCATION: Mililani Mauka, Oahu, Hawaii

OWNERS: Lucas and Randee Martin

Owner of Dragon's Lair Luke Martin

Interview with co-owner, Lucas “Luke” Martin.

Kk: I appreciate you taking the time to answer a few questions about your business for the readers at For starters, how long have you folks been in business?

Luke: Going on 7 years now.

Kk: Why comics? What was the draw that compelled you to go into business for yourselves in this particular market?

Luke: The art community that surrounds this medium, as well as strong literary bodies, both past & present, that keep work fresh. I just wish publishers had more fun with it.

Kk: What were some of the more fun and exciting aspects about going into business for yourselves, especially relating to comics and the resulting geek culture?
Luke: I enjoy the creative freedom in which it allows me to express myself in “retail form.”

A sign saying comics are delayed

Kk: What have been some of the drawbacks in being a small business in Hawai’i, let alone a comic book vendor?

Luke: Shipping. Simple. Obtaining of goods.

A sign advertising a 50% off sale inside Dragon's Lair

Kk: What has been the most surprising thing about being in the comic book selling business?

Luke: That drivel sells & good stories sit until there’s a value attached to them.

Kk: What is the one misperception or stereotype you would like to dispel about being in the comic book business?

Luke: None. They’re all true & then some.

Kk: Prior to current restrictions, your shop has been host to many events highlighting diversity and inclusiveness. One that stands out in memory was “ladies night” where your wife, Randee, would keep the shop open for your female patrons and enjoy an evening with the ladies. Why do you feel efforts to build a more diverse and welcoming community is so important?

Luke: It’s always been here. It’s more about recognizing it.

Kk: A couple fun ones for the wrap up. The zombie apocalypse is at your door. What is the one comic book issue, collected or omnibus edition you save (for posterity, of course)?

The cover of The Zombie Survival Guide

Luke: Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. Doesn’t get enough love, in my opinion.

Kk: What is your all-time favorite character or series?

Luke: Mr. Monster by Michael T. Gilbert. Look it up.

An image of the outside of Dragon's Lair Comics

Kk: Final question, how do folks best reach you to see what Dragon’s Lair Comics is all about?

Luke: We live on social media. Find us on most of your favorite platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Tiktok.

Kk: Thank you once again for your time, service and support. All the best from me and the rest of the crew at!


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