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Raz Cosplay

November 2, 2021

Hailing from Texas, Dylan of Raz Cosplay is a costume creator heavily influenced by comic book heroes and villains, nostalgic 90’s icons, and all things spooky. A quick look at his Instagram cosplay page will reveal a dark-toned, yet vibrant array of photos and creative edits featuring his work. He’s been a part of the cosplay community since 2017 and has since built and presented several costumes, and plans to do more.

Credit: @author.artist.amanda

He has prominently featured his Scarecrow, which he claims as his favorite, inspired by the DC Comics character of the same name. Dylan describes the build of this costume as a “field day” for his creativity, since he has a preference for masked characters and an appreciation for the creepy. Despite this, Dylan recounts a more tender memory with Scarecrow at a previous convention.

Raz cosplay as the Scarecrow


“Throughout the day I had my fair share of people (adults and kids alike) that were scared of me, but nothing major. After being there for hours, I was heading to my car to leave with my mask off. I'm nearly going to my car when a dad with a young boy stops me to say that they had walked by me a few times at the con, but never said anything because the son was scared. Enough to where he had to take him outside to calm down at one point. I crouched down to show him it was just a costume and that the scythe was nothing more than some plastic and foam. He got excited and hugged me with a big smile. I like to scare people, but not so much the kids so it makes me happy when they lose that fear.”

cosplay as Commissioner Gordon

Credit: Raz Cosplay

Other works Dylan has become recognized for are his portrayals of the X-Man Beast complete with blue hair and body paint, Star Wars’ Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jim Hopper of Stranger Things, and Commissioner Gordon of the Batman Universe.

Obi Wan cosplay

Credit: Raz Cosplay

Dylan claims much of his inspiration comes from friends he’s made in the cosplay community. With their support, he has continued to pursue his creative endeavors and find kinship among other creators, many of whom create similar content. He can be followed on instagram at @razcozplay.

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