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Pencilish Animation Studios Lets You In On The Magic

August 26, 2021

Animation studios dazzle audiences every year with new movies and shows, new characters they have created. Those animation studios (think Disney) make a lot of money every year through the content they create. Have you ever wanted to own and be part of an animation studio? Well, now is your chance!

“It is our intention to create world class IP & animation that we can produce in house or license to other great producers. Then, together, we'll deliver this content to wherever people are, YouTube, mobile phones, social media, everywhere that people consume media today. We have access to projects that are just waiting to be developed and with our key ingredient, YOU, together we can create lifelong content and characters that can entertain people for generations to come.” – Tom Bancroft

Pencilish Animation Studios was started in 2020 by Tom Bancroft. Bancroft has over 30 years of animation experience and created characters such as Pocahontas (Pocahontas), Simba (Lion King), and Mushu (Mulan). The team “has created characters, feature films, TV series, and intellectual properties that have gone on to make MANY BILLIONS of dollars in worldwide gross box office, merchandising, and licensing for Disney and others.” Company advisors include “Animation Directors and executives from Disney,” AIG, Sony, Paramount, and Warner Brothers, among others. Ming-Na Wen, the voice of Mulan and co-star of The Mandalorian, is also an advisory board member to Pencilish Animations.

Pictures of Pencilish Animation Studios advisors from Disney and other Fortune 500 companies

Credit: Pencilish Animation Studios

Pencilish is the first ever animation studio to be crowd-owned. If you invest in the company, and if the company starts making a profit, as an investor you are entitled to share in the wealth. “You may not have had the opportunity to invest in Disney in 1923, but you do have the opportunity to invest in Pencilish NOW!” Of course, Tom includes a disclaimer that Pencilish is not a billion-dollar company and may never be one…but there is always the chance! The perks for investing range from receiving a PDF of Tom’s webcomic to being drawn as a character in the studio's initial show.

Pencilish has projections for the next year divided between the different quarters.

Pencilish’s Projected Timeline

Credit: Pencilish Animation Studios

There are four phases: decide which ideas should be a series, create a couple of short animated series, market the series to gain an audience, create merchandise, and repeat.

To get in on the ground floor of this new venture, you can invest a minimum of $100! The company’s goals are $50,000 to $5,000,000. Pencilish has made $1,336,757 from investors so far, hitting their first goal. There is still time to invest. If you have ever wanted the possibility to create and be a part of an animation studio, don’t miss this exciting opportunity.

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