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New Comic Book Day #1s

August 18, 2021

(X-Men, Kang, Killer Queens)

Every Wednesday a new wave of comics fills the shelves of your local store. No doubt, it’s exciting but it can be extremely overwhelming as well, especially if you’re a fan who’s just wading into the comic book waters. It is with this thinking that we have created this weekly feature to spotlight some just released first issues that are great starting points for new and classic series.

Kang The Conqueror (Marvel Comics)

Writer: Colin Kelley, Artist: Carlos Magno

Fresh off his MCU debut in Loki, the time travelling supervillain launches in his own title. Digging deep into his complex origin, this series will explore the various timelines and iterations of the man called Kang. Told from the perspective of an older Kang sending his younger self on a potentially destructive mission this book promises to capture all the mind bending fun that has made Kang a fan favorite character.

Killer Queens (Dark Horse Comics)

Writer: David M Booher, Artist: Claudia Balboni

This high flying space adventure focuses on two intergalactic assassins on the run from their boss, who just so happens to be a monkey with a jetpack. Soon they find themselves on a moon controlled by a fascist dictator and the complications mount from there. A fresh spin on the classic tropes of space opera introduces two gay heroes from an all LGBTQ+ creative team that promises lots of fun and sweet laser battles.

X-Men: The Trial Of Magneto (Marvel Comics)

Writer: Leah Williams, Artist: Lucas Werneck

A shocking murder rocks the Mutant nation of Krakoa and Magento stands accused. This epic thriller promises to upend the status quo of the world of the X-Men. While Magneto has always been ambiguous in his morality, is he a stone cold killer? You’ll want to pick this one up to get the jump on the next phase of X books.

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