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New Comic Book Day #1’s (Mighty Crusaders, Buffy, Green Arrow, Captain America)

June 30, 2021

Every Wednesday a new wave of comics fills the shelves of your local store. No doubt, it’s exciting but it can be extremely overwhelming as well, especially if you’re a fan who’s just wading into the comic book waters. It is with this thinking that we have created this weekly feature to spotlight some just released first issues that are great starting points for new and classic series.

Mighty Crusaders The Shield

The Mighty Crusaders: The Shield (Archie Comics)

Writer/Artist: Rob Liefeld

Archie Comics doesn’t just publish books about awkward redheads who can’t choose between a blonde or a brunette, they also have a whole universe of superheroes. The publisher has now brought in legendary creator Rob Liefeld (the man who gave us Deadpool) to write and draw a series of one shots reintroducing readers to the Archie heroes. The series kicks off with The Shield, a patriotic hero much in the vein of Captain America who is forced to confront some very modern problems in this new take.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Tea Time

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Tea Time (Boom Studios)

Writer: Mirka Andolfo, Artist: Siya Oum

Continuing Boom’s very successful reboot of Joss Whedon’s Buffy, this one shot focuses on Buffy's mentor: the beloved librarian/monster hunter Giles. However this is not the normally wise and heroic Giles we’re familiar with, in this story he’s been turned into a vampire. With all of his intelligence and familiarity with the heroes, he could be the most formidable villain The Slayer has ever faced.

Parasomnia by Dark Horse Comics

Parasomnia (Dark Horse Comics)

Writer: Cullen Bunn, Artist: Andrea Mutti

A brand new horror fantasy from comic book master of terror Cullen Bunn finds a man descending into a literal nightmare world to find his missing son. Done in the trippy horror style of Bunn’s much acclaimed series Harrow County, this is another striking and very original series in the lexicon of Dark Horse genre books.

Green Arrow 80th Anniversary

Green Arrow 80th Anniversary 100 Page Spectacular (DC Comics)

Writer: Various, Artist: Various

Celebrating 80 years of the Emerald Archer, this oversized volume brings together an all-star lineup of DC writers and artists for a series of short stories set all across the history of the character and his enemies and allies.

The United States Of Captain America

The United States Of Captain America (Marvel Comics)

Writer: Josh Trujillo, Artist: Dale Eaglesham

This is a bold new take on the Sentinel Of Liberty embracing the diversity of the Marvel fans that love the character. The story kicks off with Cap’s shield being stolen, which sets Steve and Sam off a road trip to track it down. What they find along the way is a country full of new heroes inspired by Captain America to protect their own communities.

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