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New Comic Book Day #1s

August 4, 2021

Every Wednesday a new wave of comics fills the shelves of your local store. No doubt, it’s exciting but it can be extremely overwhelming as well, especially if you’re a fan who’s just wading into the comic book waters. It is with this thinking that we have created this weekly feature to spotlight some just released first issues that are great starting points for new and classic series.

Deadpool: Black, White & Blood (Marvel Comics)

Writer: Tom Taylor, Artist: James Stokoe

This new series brings top talent from the comics industry to tell blood soaked tales of everyone’s favorite Merc With A Mouth. Taylor and Stokoe start things off with Deadpool taking on the evil and vicious ninja clan The Hand. It goes without saying this book carries a parental advisory warning and is recommended for mature readers.

Elvira Meets Vincent Price (Dynamite Entertainment)

Writer: David Avallone, Artist: Juan Samu

Two legends of horror finally cross paths as the ghost of the legendary horror star comes to the Mistress Of The Dark for help. The apocalypse is imminent and the pair must find a long lost horror movie that for some reason can stop it. Bringing these two cult favorites together continues the excellent tales of Elvira that writer Avallone has been crafting for years.

A back lit image of the Squad, their shadow forms the face of The Joker.

Credit: DC Comics

Suicide Squad: Get Joker (DC Comics)

Writer: Brian Azzarello, Artist: Alex Maleev

Just in time for their highly anticipated new big screen adventure, comics legends Azzarello and Maleev send the Squad on their deadliest mission. Amanda Waller decides it’s time to put an end to Batman’s greatest villain and Task Force X are the unlucky ones to get the assignment. Featuring a wild rogues gallery of characters this is sure to be an absolutely wild, edge of your seat action tale.

A woman stands in front of a giant Transformer robot

Credit: IDW Comics

Transformers: King Grimlock (IDW Comics)

Writer: Steve Orlando, Artist: Agustin Padilla

Fan favorite T-Rex Transformer Grimlock takes center stage in this mini-series as he is transported to a magical fantasy land. Grimlock is forced to confront terrifying monsters and powerful new enemies as he learns to adjust in a world of swords and sorcery. Paired with a human barbarian sidekick, Grimlock will face his ultimate challenges.

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