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Nerdwork Comic Con: The Second Act

November 28, 2022

There are very few places that bring nerds like me so much joy and excitement, and one of those places is Comic Con, so hearing that Nerdwork Comic Con was back for the second year in a row, it was beyond thrilling because it's the only Comic Con that takes place in the city of Port Harcourt. Comic Cons are the Holy Grail of nerd events because everyone there is immersed in the same universe you are, with similar interests and love or hate for the same franchises.

A collage of different cosplayers at Nerdwork Comic Con.

Image Credit: Oluwatobi Omotoso

Once I heard that Nerdwork was coming back for the second year, I was pleased because there are only so many places I get to go to that have my type of people, and given my experience at the first comic con, I was excited to see what would happen this year. Nerdwork Comic Con was the first comic convention I've ever attended physically; even though I've attended cons virtually, it was great to have one in my city to attend finally.

The day was finally here on the day of September third, after weeks of anticipation and virtual countdowns. I woke up bright and early, ready to go to a place I could call my own; as cheesy as that sounds, "the girls that get it get it." It was a one-day convention and started at 10 am; being the huge nerd I am, I was there as soon as the gates were open. I didn't cosplay, so I didn't have to stress about the time it'll take to get into costume.

A cosplayer dressed as Mr. Chainsaw at Nerdwork Comic Con

Image Credit: Nerdwork

On arrival, I heard music playing down the road as my Uber pulled up to the front of the building. The anticipation was getting to me because I knew it was going to be an epic sight; walking in and getting my ticket band from security, I was ready to see what awaited me.

Being here representing Comic Book Curious didn't stop me from enjoying the experience; it actually made it so much more fun. I got to experience comic con from both ends, and seeing all that goes into creating an event of this magnitude doesn't mean I was ready for the excitement the day had in store.

Someone cosplaying a character from Star Trek

Image Credit: Nerdwork

I was immediately greeted by the sight of beautiful people dressed up in some of my favourite characters across several genres and timelines; it was a beautiful sight to behold. There were also gaming stands with people going at it over their favourite games, from God of War to Mario Kart. A big part of every comic convention is artists exhibiting their works; an entire section was dedicated to artist's displays. Several panel sessions also discussed the creator industry in Nigeria and animation as an industry.

A character cosplay from Demon Slayer at Nerdwork Comic Con

Image Credit: Nerdwork

The opening performance was done by an artist dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo, but the crazy part is that she was singing the theme song from Naruto, which could only happen in a space like this. In what other world is there a mashup of your favourite childhood cartoon and an anime? The cosplay costumes were beyond anything that I saw last year or in any comic con in Nigeria; there were cosplays from the anime Demon Slayer, someone dressed as Geralt of Rivera from the Witcher, even a girl with her own spin on Loki, and so much more; people came out fully prepped to grab attention with their costumes and a lot of them were hand made, which leaves me even more amazed.

There were a lot of comic and anime-themed cocktails and food, but for me, the best part was getting to meet people that love the same things I do and catching up with those I met last year. The connections are priceless; their introduction to Comic Book Curious was something that I loved seeing as well as their excitement to join our community discord channel. I spent the entire day in the presence of fellow nerds from 10 am to 7 pm, and an after-party I left around midnight.

Someone cosplaying; they are wearing a half mask and are holding a katana.

Image Credit: Oluwatobi Omotoso

Comic-Con is a homecoming for nerds, so it's always a good vibe when comic con comes around.
There's absolutely no place like comic con with people of all ages, genders, and works of life coming together because they enjoy these characters and movies so much; it is wonderful to see. There were a lot of parents there with their kids, which was kind of shocking because a lot of Nigerian parents don't watch things of that nature, but it's good to see the ones that do geek out over their favourite character. I can't wait for next year; maybe this time, I'll show up in costume; who knows? It's always an adventure whenever I attend Nerdwork Comic Con.

About the Author: Oluwatobi Omotoso is a writer, content creator, Social Media Manager, and marketing strategist. She's an avid treehugger and lover of all things sci-fi. She has been compared to the Joker in personality tests, and her friends lovingly call her a Megalomaniac.

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