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Morbius: The Living Vampire

April 4, 2022

Marvel’s Futuristic Take

In Marvel's new line of heroes, Morbius seems to be the most forgotten despite all the intrigue and suspense associated with the trailers, primarily due to the sheer bad luck that came with the constant postponement of the release date by Marvel. Despite the continuous interruptions, release day finally went as planned on April 1st, 2022; for me, March 31st because my cinema got an early release.

Jared Leto as Morbius

Credit: Marvel

It's intriguing to see Marvel take their shot at reinventing a classic vampire trope. The origin story of Michael Morbius is unlike any vampire story before it. Still, like all origin stories that involve a scientist and in-depth research, our hero is created by a research experiment gone wrong, just like Bruce Banner with The Hulk.

The creation of Morbius as a vampire was from a deep need to cure his debilitating disease shared not only by him and his best friend but also by many people around the world. For years, his constant research resulted in so much advancement and good for humanity, including artificial blood, as the movie states, not only the eventuality that creates this vampire superhero. He possesses not only the elemental vampiric powers like super-strength and speed but also a bat radar and sonar capabilities. I'm not sure what the reason is behind his ability to control bats because it didn't seem to be a skill Milo possessed, but it's a power he has as they are akin to him.

Another image of Morbius

Credit: Marvel

Jared Leto starring as this renowned doctor turned vampire is an interesting twist and makes me question the complexities that follow his contract. Seeing as he's now a hero for Marvel and a villain for DC, why won't they both want the best immersive actor, as they both thrive on the supposed rivalry. I question if this indicates the discontinuation of his Joker in the Zack Snider's Universe.

The movie Morbius was one of intrigue and suspense that also portrays a classic cliche of scientists in love, but there is an elemental twist in the villain in the story seeing as they took the essence of a sibling rivalry and elevated it in the friendship between Michael and Milo. Think Cain and Abel with a vampire twist, but it is the reverse in death, seeing as Michael's best friend Milo, who shared the same disease as him, adamantly took the vampire-turning elixir and went on a rampage to destroy everyone until his brother accepted his abilities it's easily a justifiable death.

In all honesty, it was interesting to see a take on futuristic vampirism, making it the first in what might be an evolution of vampire movies. Deviating from the norm, seeing as the last very successful vampire movie is Twilight, which stars our latest Dark Night, Robert Pattinson. The ultimate twist is the creation of a living vampire as opposed to the popular unDead take on vampirism.

An image of a vampire from the movie Morbius

Credit: Marvel

Morbius has a great deal of self-loathing before he's forced to take accountability for his creation when Milo begins a rampage and killing spree. There are many things called into question by the advent of this man-made vampire, like how the creation process works. Towards the end of the movie and the pseudo-death of Dr. Bancroft, Morbius' love interest, we see her resurrection due to her intake of his blood, leaving us questioning the technicalities behind this.

The art of a good Marvel Movie is the interlacing of other Marvel Movies into the mix; with the release of the latest Spider-man movie, it's clear to see the interrelation with the Morbius movie. The appearance of Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture, creates and establishes a trail to the Universe in which Tom Holland's Spider-man takes place.

The movie was intriguing, leaving my mind wondering on what Marvel may have in store for the sequel—exploring Adrian's role in this and how Dr. Bancroft will play her part, becoming a partner with Morbius or his next rival. Will his love for Dr. Bancroft affect how he handles the situation, and will there be another round of self-loathing in the sequel?

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