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Moon Knight: White Cape, Bloodied Fists

June 17, 2022

So the rollout of Marvel series in the last two years have been very impressive so far. From Loki, to WandaVision, to Hawkeye, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, What If, and most recently, Moon Knight. Seeing them invest in these series has been very great, with each one of them making better impressions on people that you would think they would. Especially Moon Knight, which so happens to be the most bloody one of them all.

Sincerely, the whole thing felt more like a DC series than a Marvel series. The amount of death, gore, and mind twisting b**lshit that you usually find in DC comics/series is what you see here, and it is just awesome. It reminded me of the 2019 Joker, with a lot more fight scenes and a lot more blood.

A scene with Khonshu and Moon Knight

Credit: Marvel

First of all, the casting was perfect. Well, not entirely perfect because they didn’t have me in it. I think I would have made a better Khonshu. Or a better Bek. I don’t have the muscles, but I think I’m sexier.

In the series, the best part for me was that both sides had very strong moral convictions about their points of view. Almost every action was taken with some level of higher thinking or intelligence, and it not so subtly questioned things like religion, morality, ethnicity, and the concept of relative good vs relative bad. There are little conversations here and there that open up the more intellectual/philosophical points of the series, and the conversation crosses lines of morality, ethics, religion, and the concept of good and evil and how there are no clear definitions or parameters for any of these. They differ from man to man; god to god.

I can only imagine how these guys felt when they read the script and fully understood it. their minds must have been blown. Oscar Isaac was a very powerful actor in his element throughout, and the transitions between characters was almost seamless, even though his British accent slipped and fell a couple times, he was absolutely stellar.

Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight

Credit: Marvel

And thank God for the coffee shop meeting of Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke where the former told the latter to play the role of Arthur Harrow in the series. Honestly, I can't see a lot of other people bring life to that character (except maybe Johnny Depp?? I know it's not going to happen, but it’s worth a shot) and doing it so well. 

May Calamawy was great too, I saw a video of her training for the role, and i was amazed at the level of dedication that she poured into the movie. It was totally worth it though, for me at least, because all the moves she made throughout the entire thing was pretty awesome. Pretty impressive. She is not a woman I would want to piss off. Not her or her character.

For Director Mohamed Diab, it was either his rent was due, or he was about to lose his job at Marvel. Either one is fine with us, because without that need from him to get everything so perfectly, we wouldn’t have had our moon Knight(s). The VFX and CGI was so crazy, it felt like I was actually in these places that they showed me, and I'm pretty sure there was an obsessive amount of attention to detail too, because the hieroglyphic markings all over the place are just really so impressive. I didn’t say accurate, because I do not actually know what they mean, but I'm sure it would probably impress me if I did.

The attempt to actually replicate the feeling of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) in the series is also quite impressive. Imagine taking that much time to research and implement behavioral patterns of people with this disorder into the movie is so impressive. I really loved the entire thing. He absolutely deserves all the love he is getting for the movie.

Overall, I felt like that the series was an 8.5/10. I really enjoyed it. The plot twist at the end was crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! God, I wish I could undo watching the series, and then watch it all over again just to get my mind blown all over again. It was that awesome. I know I’m not supposed to give spoilers here (and I don’t think I have), but you would really love this one. Hint: it's in the post credit scene of the final episode.

If you are a part of the decision making body of Marvel and you somehow happen to be reading this, please let there be a second season. There better be. And please let it be even better than this already awesome one. If there is not a second series, I’m afraid I wont ever watch a Marvel series again. Ever. Except maybe Loki S2.

If you’ve watched it, there’s a very high chance that you agree with everything I’ve said here. And if you haven’t, send me your own review here when you watch it, and let’s compare notes!

Olaniyi Popoola: I want this to sound cool, and not make you know that I’m really a geek and a nerd. So I won’t tell you about the things I like, like comics (hardcore DC fan), a love for music (especially undiscovered artists), Nigerian and African art and history, reading random books to get a boatload of random and interesting but mostly useless information, choosing to stay at home and write stories than meet up with friends and things like that. Lol.

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