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Meet Our Staff Writer: Franklin Ifeanyi

January 20, 2023

Well… all lives begin with the day you are born. To tell you more about myself, I was born on the 5th of July 1999 (2 days before my mum's birthday mum, you can tell how amazing a successful delivery of her first child will be like) in Lagos, Nigeria. A baby's life helps form and shape that child's future; this goes the same for me, as there were many obstacles surrounding my birth that I will not talk about. My birth and name all relate to how I live and act today. Many people may not see this connection for themselves, but with a bit of research and thinking, you realize why people are the way they are. Every day and every action that a child experiences can influence their actions as an adult, and I was no different.

I grew up with two brothers, making us three boys. People go by hailing my mum whenever she walks with us to church, school, or wherever. According to them, raising three boys seems like a challenging job (I think raising a kid of any gender is not an easy job). We grew up with almost nothing, but we were contented and made valuable use of everything we had at our disposal.

My mum worked as a Tailor when I was young. She is intelligent, sarcastic (i get my sense of humor from her), thoughtful, super caring, and very hardworking. Everything my mum does to date is with the aim of making my life and that of my brothers better (she and most parents want to help their children reach heights they couldn't). My dad, well... I almost cannot say much about him; when I was young, I remember he had a gas station job, but he blew it one way or the other. He was never there and certainly was not concerned about our future (maybe he was, and I didn't feel it). Eventually, he lost it through drinking, and we had to be separated from him for the better.

It wasn't easy at first for my younger brothers and me. We had to change the environment when I was Nine. It was difficult because changing schools really affected me a lot, and the thought of my parents separating at that young age didn't help either. It worked out well; my mum got a job in our new environment, which helped provide for our basic needs. 

Fast forward to today, I am a graduate of Sociology and Anthropology from Obafemi Awolowo university. During my years at the University, I joined a volunteering organization called "AIESEC ." This organization helped shape who I am today and who I am working to be. I get to grow my skills (writing, customer service, public speaking, and others) and network with lots of people. In one of the conferences, I met Tobi, who introduced me to Comic Book Curious (April 2021), My first real chance to work, contribute to a society of like minds, and make money.

I like football a lot (I am a big fan of Messi and Ronaldo), and it's something I was pretty good at till I had surgery (I am now always scared to kick the ball now). I also love sitcoms a lot (especially "The Office" - in my opinion, it is the best thing to hit TV). I mostly see sitcoms because it keeps me sane. I also love music, rap (The likes of J. Cole, Kanye, Lil Wayne, Kendrick, and so on), Afro beats (Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, etc.), and other genres. My total minutes of listening to songs on Apple Music for last year was 71,376!!! (imagine other music platforms). I play music all the time, and it helps increase my productivity. I have lots of responsibilities as the first child (The whole family is looking for me to deliver), so listening to music and Watching Sitcoms or football, or movies is what I spend my spare time doing because, as I stated earlier, it helps me reduce my worries.

I guess I've had a few regrets. A major one was not opening a message from my father last year, months after he passed away on the 23rd of September 2021 (May his soul rest in peace). I thought his death was not going to affect me because he wasn't available, but it did affect me, and I guess I just hoped or wanted to know he his somewhere, and just maybe, things might eventually work out. All hopes are dashed now, and I have to move on, learn from his mistakes and be someone he can be proud of. Someday, I will summon the courage to open the message he sent to me on Facebook, but for now, I’ll just avoid Facebook.

Some of the qualities I respect are politeness, respect, hard work, care, and a host of others. I have lived by these values, which have helped improve my life. I also value friendship (I have lots of amazing friends, I don't have to mention names, but when they see this, they will surely smile). I have friends who have helped me in challenging situations, helped me make better decisions, and been there for me. I don't take any good thing done to me for granted, and I hope one day I get to repay them.  

I know I am growing (time is going by fast), but for now, I know deep down that I've got a lot of life and living ahead of me, and I mean to enjoy every bit of it. I also plan to do that with someone that shares my ideas, principles, values, and love of life (When the right time comes).

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