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Max Reacts: Wonder Woman

November 12, 2021

As I wrote about in a previous article, Wonder Woman with Lynda Carter was my jam when I was a kid. I wanted to watch it with Max and see what he thought of it. Getting Max's opinion on shows I loved as a child or remakes of shows I watched is fun, and I enjoy comparing our reactions. I was concerned that he would think the show was slow, or the themes would be outside his interests. I was, however, mistaken. From the opening credits he was enraptured. He loved the music, he loved the spin change, he loved EVERYTHING. This is a good change from modern shows since they tend to be fast paced. Wonder Woman has slower pacing, and while there is fighting, it is less violent than what I have become accustomed to.

From the beginning, Max was happy to see Paradise Island. The Olympic-style competition where they have to choose who will travel back to the United States was exciting, especially the bullets and bracelets challenge at the end. Max and I have made our own wrist cuffs out of cardboard from paper towel rolls and markers, just like I did when I was a kid. Ah, nostalgia. I have since made him a crown and a belt. Dress up is always fun!

The gold cuffs of Wonder Woman

Credit: DC Comics

A couple of recurring themes from the show are Nazis and feminism. This, of course, led to discussions involving the realities of Hitler and the Nazi army. The show is light-hearted. But, I don’t want Max to think the Nazis are famous for their poorly executed plans to infiltrate the US government; we discussed, in an age appropriate way, some of the atrocities faced by the people directly impacted. This has led to discussions about the military and world history. Wonder Woman is a strong female, but people try to take advantage of her because she is a woman. This has led to discussions of what women were supposed to do in the 40s (ie be homemakers and not show off their bodies). And also people doubted her ability to save and protect because of this; Dianna proves them wrong time and time again.

In Wonder Woman (seasons 1 and 2) everything takes place in the 1940s. After the first half of the show, we get The New Adventures of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman hasn’t aged, of course, but Steve Trevor has been replaced by Steve Trevor junior (but the same actor…) in the 70s. This means that the “bad guys” can be expanded on; it isn’t Nazis but thieves, cattle rustlers, or even aliens.

In the world of make-believe, Max is of course Wonder Woman and I am Steve Trevor, or that was the set up until the episode with Drusilla. Drusilla, Dianna’s sister, comes to the states to visit her sister and while there must save the day as Wonder Girl. Max had a new favorite hero, and I could be Wonder Woman in pretend. Score! And for Halloween this year, he dressed as Wonder Girl. To complete the duo, I wore a Wonder Woman shirt. This was definitely my favorite Halloween costume to date.

Questions with Max:

Favorite part of Wonder Woman: “Bouncing bullets off of her bracelets. She moves her arms really fast.”

Least favorite part of the show: “When Dianna or Drusilla gets captured.”

Favorite characters: Steve, Drusilla (WG), and Dianna (WW)

Favorite bad guy: The Skrill – they look like Christmas aliens with tinsel and sparkles all over them.

What do you want to happen in the last season of the show?: “I want to see more of Wonder Woman working with people who fought her but then turned to her side and helped her.”

Lesson learned from the show: “You should be careful who you trust because they could deceive you.”

This is an important lesson for anyone, and a very deep one. Sometimes the people you are close to or think are your friends could later betray you. And while this isn’t a lesson I want him to dwell on, as a parent I think it is great to exercise caution, especially with the anonymity offered on the internet.

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