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New Comic Book Day #1s

July 28, 2021

Every Wednesday a new wave of comics fills the shelves of your local store. No doubt, it’s exciting but it can be extremely overwhelming as well, especially if you’re a fan who’s just wading into the comic book waters. It is with this thinking that we have created this weekly feature to spotlight some just released first issues that are great starting points for new and classic series.

Amazing Fantasy (Marvel Comics)

Writer/Artist: Kaare Andrews

A bold new take on beloved Marvel heroes finds iconic versions of Black Widow, Spider-Man, and Captain America stranded on a strange island filled with mysticism and danger. Plunging fan favorite characters into a high fantasy adventure is sure to pique the interest of fans both old and new, and Andrews’ striking art and storytelling make this one you have to check out.

A woman reaches out of a giant book with monstrous hands reaching out all around her.

Credit: Vault Comics

The Last Book You’ll Ever Read (Vault Comics)

Writer: Cullen Bunn, Artist: Leila Leiz

Horror master Bunn is back with a new tale of terror that focuses on famous author Olivia Kade whose newest book is being blamed for causing a series of violent incidents. Little do readers know that Olivia is the prophet of coming doom since she knows that something dark buried within the genes of humans is coming to the surface. She hires a security guard for her upcoming book tour and makes him swear he’ll never read her book. Another mysterious and terrifying tale from a man who’s made a career scaring comic readers for years.

A recreation of a classic Superman comic with Jon Kent now donning the iconic costume.

Credit: DC Comics

Superman: Son Of Kal-El (DC Comics)

Writer: Tom Taylor, Artist: John Timms

After years of build up, Superman’s son Jonathan Kent finally dons the cape and takes over for his father as protector of the Earth. Having spent time exploring space with his grandfather and battling the threats of the future with the Legion of Superheroes, Jon is ready to become the Man of Steel. An all new era of Superman comics starts here with the introduction of a young, fresh hero for the 21st century.

A demonic woman sits in a chair as an angel holds up a winged puppy behind her.

Credit: Image Comics

Sweet Paprika (Image Comics)

Writer/Artist: Mirka Andolfo

This book introduces us to Paprika, a successful businesswoman consumed by work who lets her personal life fall to the wayside. She meets the handsome and charming Dill, a delivery man without a care in the world who attracts women all around him. Dill helps Paprika to open herself to love and life in general. A sharply written romantic comedy that brings a new exciting voice to the underserved genre of romance comic books.

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