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Kickstarter Profile: Pet Humans, A Graphic Novel

October 7, 2021

Creator: David Guy Levy

Writer: Steffen Schlachtenhaufen

Illustrator: Alex Heywood

$15,000 (At the time of writing $33,296)

What it is:
Introducing Pet Humans, a graphic novel based in a strange world where a human named Buster is a pet to aliens.

Cover of Pet Humans

Credit: David Guy Levy

Taking life from the perspective of the pet, innocent and unassuming, living his day-to-day life in the care of his owners struggling to find his place, and learning to follow the rules.

He develops a loving bond with his owners trusting them, and although he may not know much about what is going on, he trusts and knows he is loved and cherished. It was born out of the love for one's pet and curiosity about how they see the world.

A picture of a cave mouth.

Credit: David Guy Levy

Why We Are Excited:
We've all wondered how our pets see the world; out of this wonder Pet Humans was born. David Guy Levy wondered how pets see the care and love we give them. Food, a place to stay, and unconditional love so he decided to create a world where humans were the Pets. This was a great way to keep the love for his pet alive after his passing.

By donating you get rewards depending on your donation amount like stickers, digital copies, a cameo in the next book, even a custom artwork of your own for your pet drawn in Alex Heywood's unique style the more money donated the more rewards unlocked.

The stretch goal rewards backers with free digital copies of a graphic novel Cornboy, Pet custom embroidery patches and so much more. This will be an amazing gift for pet lovers towards the holiday season or just an awesome gift for one's self as a pet lover.

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