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Kickstarter Profile: Pacific Rim Ultimate Omnibus

August 5, 2021

One of the missions of this site is to bring attention to exciting projects in the world of pop culture. With this in mind we will throw the spotlight on a unique and interesting Kickstarter each week. This week the highlight is on Pacific Rim Ultimate Omnibus.


Pacific Rim Ultimate Omnibus


Legendary Comics


$10,000 (fully funded at time of publishing)

What It Is:

“For the first time ever, we are proud to bring together all of the Pacific Rim graphic novels in one oversized 568 page hardcover collection that showcases the vast array of the Pacific Rim universe. The collection features incentives and other collectible items only possible on Kickstarter and is available to backers for delivery this year before it releases into retail in 2022, so we felt this was the perfect venue to launch this definitive tome.” - Legendary Comics

Why We’re Excited:

Pacific Rim is one of the most exciting and unique blockbuster action movie franchises to come along in years. Featuring incredible monster and robot designs coupled with a diverse and multinational cast of characters. Finally all the comic book stories set in this universe are collected in one gorgeous hardcover. The book features the work of many talented writers and artists and will get you pumped for the new Netflix animated series launching later this year.

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