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Kickstarter Profile: Medic - Pacific War

August 12, 2021

Check out the Kickstarter Project For Medic-Pacific War!

A medic drags a wounded soldier behind him


$9,737 (fully funded at time of publishing)

What it is:

“Medic: Pacific War is a third-person action game in which the player gets the opportunity to become a medic of the US Army during the Second World War’s biggest battles on the Pacific front. The main task of the player will be to save the wounded people from life and health-threatening situations. Flying bullets and falling bombs won't make it any easier”

The medic looks out a snowy battlefield and sees the various injuries

Why we’re excited:

There are a lot of war games out there but this one flips the formula on its head and makes the goal saving lives rather than taking them. The developers have worked hard to create realistically intense battle sequences that will force the player to make numerous ethical decisions. The game also has a number of varied locations and a strong level of detail and realism to the different medical treatments you perform. We applaud this new and excitingly different approach to battle simulation that also celebrates the courage of the medical officers who risk their lives in combat.

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