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Kickstarter Profile: Digital Lizards of Doom! Level 2

July 15, 2021

KICKSTARTER PROFILE: Digital Lizards of Doom! Level 2:Commander E.K.O.

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Sample pages from Digital Lizards Of Doom

Credit: Dizzy Doom Media


Digital Lizards of Doom! Level 2: Commander E.K.O. The second graphic novel adventure in the DLoD series!


Dizzy Doom Media


$20,000 ($21,364 reached at time of publishing; goal met).


Digital Lizards of Doom is a love letter to pop culture! It‘s a multimedia experience expressed thru graphic novelization and music! […] Follow the adventure inspired byaction movies, Japanese storytelling, video games, and more.“ — Dizzy Doom Media


This campaign is funding the second (!!!) graphic novel in the series! If you have already  read the first graphic novel then you know what you are in for! If you have yet to read it, there are tiers to get you caught up. Either way, Gabriel Valentin and the team at Dizzy  Doom Media have worked hard creating the novel and accompanying soundtrack. If you  purchase the book, you will (most likely) receive your copy in times for the holiday! The  music, if purchased, will be available at the end of the Kickstarter campaign. Don’t miss out on this unique visual and musical experience!

The soundtracks that accompany the comics, Lizards & Labyrinths and Dizzy Doom's Arcade Adventure, can be found at Amazon.

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